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Thinking about designing your desirable future can be overwhelming; after all, what does a “desirable future” actually mean? How does it look like? How can someone be truly in control od the design of their future?

With the start of the new year – and the brand new decade – we invite you to take one hour out of your busy day to reflect on your past so that you can be in a position to create your version – whatever that may be – of a desirable future for yourself.

The Tool: Past, Present, Future – Finding Your Purpose

What is it?

A self-reflection writing tool that will allow self-discovery and link you to your future purpose.

What is it for?

To help you connect to your inner talents, wishes and genuine inspiration. This tool can also be used by entrepreneurs that feel disconnected to their motivation and real purpose in a business venture.


Switch your phone off, put the computer away, reply to the emails in a little bit. Allow yourself to focus on your thoughts while doing this exercise for 60 uninterrupted minutes, perhaps look for an instrumental playlist on your music streaming platform. In other words, relax and focus on yourself when answering the exercise questions.


Revisiting your old self, think about the last decade and write down your answers to the below questions:

1- List the most pleasant moments you had in the past decade specifying how you felt at those moments.

2- List your most significant achievements in the past decade: what made you proudest? What made you feel like you were in your element?

3- List the people that helped you achieve these things in the past decade. What lessons did they teach you?


Looking at your current self, think about the present moment and write down your answers to the below questions:

1- Pretend you are soaring above yourself and can see your body from above. What are you doing right now? What are you looking for when it comes to your personal life and your career?

2- List your three current biggest challenges at work and say why these things are frustrating you.

3- What things make you excited? What things do you love? What things are you good at?


Imagining your future self, think about your desirable future and write down your answers to the below questions:

1- Imagine you could go to the last day of your existence and, from there, look at your life as a whole. What would you like to see? What mark did you on this planet? What will people remember you for?

2- Set your intention by returning to the present for a second. Take some time thinking of your intentions for the next 3-5 years. What do you want to accomplish at work? What future elements would you like to incorporate into your life? Write down your thoughts as concretely as possible.

3- Create action by imagining you will turn your intentions into reality and list what steps you would take in the next week to start accomplishing these goals.

By completing the above exercise, you will have a chance to analyse your life’s milestones and realise which things you did that did you most proud, or made you the happiest, or gave you the most fulfilment. In doing so, you will have created the foundation that will sustain your future and, therefore, starting designing it today.

If you’re interested in learning more about innovation and future building, visit Echos’ Designing Desirable Futures course page.

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