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Splice Media is a self-funded startup based in Singapore. Their mission is to drive radical change by supporting bold, forward-looking media startups in Asia. To do that, as they put it themselves, Splice “reports on, teaches, transforms and funds newsrooms in Asia”.

Last year, Echos & Splice partnered with the Google News Initiative to launch the first Google News Initiative Design Accelerator for Asia. The project’s goal was to help create an innovation mindset, culture, and practice to support the region’s news industry.

Splice’s annual event, Beta, is a celebration of media startups producing bold, forward-thinking media content in Asia. In the below video, you can see what the event is all about.


Echos co-founder and CDO, Juliana Proserpio, is going to be one of Beta 2020’s headliners, presenting the Google News Initiative Design Accelerator final report and facilitating a Design Thinking workshop with event attendees.

Proserpio is going to be in great company at Beta 2020. The event program also includes:

  • Creating a differentiated media startup with the right values and vision (Henrik Keith Hansen, IMS)
  • How we pivoted to memberships at Frontier (Sonny Swe, Frontier Myanmar)
  • What we learned about memberships from three years of running the Membership Puzzle Project (Ariel Zirulnick, Membership Puzzle Project)
  • Growing The Ken for a Southeast Asian audience — is subscription the right strategy? (Rohin Dharmakumar, The Ken)
  • Podcast trends in Asia (Renee Wang, Castbox)
  • How to build a business plan — and get it funded by angel investors, VCs and donors
  • Closing Mumbrella Asia — what I learned about building and folding a B2B business (Dean Carroll, ex-Mumbrella Asia)
  • What the protests taught HKFP about deployment, safety and ethics (Jennifer Creery, HKFP)
  • Bootstrapping your media business (Nikhil Pahwa, Medianama)
  • How Asianparent moved its editorial teams from writing for the web to writing for an app audience (Carla Perlas, Tickled Media)
  • Crowdfunding and campaigning: The forty worst days of my life (Jakub Gornicki, Outriders)
  • How to build a podcast business in Asia
  • Mental health and entrepreneurship
  • How to build a sustainable nonprofit media business in Asia
  • Evolving journalism education in Asia
  • Reaching provincial audiences in Asia
  • Showcases of new media startups, and the tools to run them

Are you interested in learning more? You can read up on the event and buy tickets to attend here.

Updated on February 3rd: On Friday (January 31st), amidst the delicate scenario in Asia, our friends at Splice were faced with a tough decision regarding the event timing. After much consideration, they decided that postponing Beta would be the best thing to do at this time. In business, people are faced with tough decisions daily; decisions that impact not only their companies but also their community, so today we show our support to our friends at Splice. You can read Splice’s official statement here. Once the new dates have been released, we will let you know.

Updated on February 6th: New dates for Splice Beta have been released today. The event will now take place on September 22-24, 2020 in Chiang Mai. Echos’ Juliana Proserpio will still be in attendance. For more information, visit the event’s official website.

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