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Design Sprints have the power to create innovation in the space of a week. Sounds bold? Well, it is. Sprints were originally created by Google and, nowadays, companies all over the world use them to create change within their organisations.

The below talks will give you insight on the world of Design Sprints, and hopefully inspire you to start yours.

Jake Knapp – The Design Sprint: One Small Change to Create a Culture of Innovation

Jake Knapp is a designer and author of the New York Times bestseller Sprint

Martin Danoesastro: What Are You Willing To Give Up To Change The Way We Work?


“What does it take to build the fast, flexible, creative teams needed to challenge entrenched work culture? For transformation expert Martin Danoesastro, it all starts with one question: “What are you willing to give up?” He shares lessons learned from companies on both sides of the innovation wave on how to structure your organisation so that people at all levels are empowered to make decisions fast and respond to change.” (source: ted.com)

Dropbox: How One Team Turned A Sprint Project Into A Marathon Success


“TED Resident Keith Kirkland and his team at WearWorks use haptic technology to develop products and experiences that communicate information through touch. In 2017, they were faced with a seemingly impossible challenge: quickly develop a device for a blind ultra-marathon runner to compete — unaided and unassisted — in the New York City Marathon. Jennifer Brook, a design researcher at Dropbox, explains how the team at WearWorks navigated the challenges and tensions of designing this groundbreaking new technology.” (source: ted.com)

You can learn more about Design Sprints in the below video, where our Design Thinkers walk you through the sprint Echos’ did for the Google News Initiative Design Accelerator.

If you’re interested in bringing Design Sprints to your company, get in touch or visit our website.

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