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Design is a method of mapping out and understanding an organisation’s value in a holistic sense. There are two systemic shifts happening in the world of businesses right now influencing service design. One is that all business activity is occurring online and second is most teams are working remotely. Combine these two variables together and it creates the perfect conditions for creating innovative new services for less cost.

The opportunity for creating or upgrading a business’s services have never been greater with the immense wealth of data and online activity available to them. The nature of digital interactions create data that highlights which processes are providing value and those that are not. When documented properly this data provides insights that are invaluable for service designers. Remote working does not affect or influence a team’s ability to create meaningful insights from the data. 

Remote working can also assist with breaking down silos that are beneficial to agile working environments. As teams are changing who they are communicating with as well as how, now is the time to question previous systems that were stopping free flowing interaction. Moving towards an agile working style allows for pivoting when the data coming through supports those decisions. Clear data reporting also helps to create confidence among stakeholders, something that is especially critical during these uncertain times. 

Using remote working environments for service design is not a new concept for the team at Echos. Our team has been designing services remotely on global and local projects for years. It is not our ‘new normal’, it is our ‘business as usual’.

How To Create Digital Services
Digital services are living projects. Designing for a digital environment is different from an in-person environment due to the rapid feedback loop from users. A team must approach each project in an adaptive way to quickly build the feedback from users back into the service. And find ways to experiment and discover the hidden values in the service before the users. Having a structure in place to capture data is important to stay ahead of what your users desire so you can provide it for them before they ask for it.

What is equally important is the human insights that sit behind the data. Online services are much more human than is traditionally thought. In a digital environment teams can interact closely with their clients. We have learned how powerful this connection is. It is necessary to transform this direct line of communication with your audience into an advantage. We have seen the benefits of collaborating and experimenting with users to improve services. This open channel of communication makes it easier to understand the various relationships between your product and your customer’s lives. It provides insights into what was previously hard to track interactions. Digital is making what was previously invisible, visible.

Go Faster For Less
One of the biggest advantages of remote work is that we can design new services faster and spend less money in the process. The technology that allows designers to create successful products exists. We can fail fast to succeed faster because of the speed of data available to us in digital environments. It is faster than anything in the physical world. And this is where digital services provide a huge advantage for businesses, it is fast, low cost and provides high value results. 

Ethics And Learning

We are entering a time of extreme opportunity. Old structures in society are breaking down or showing their cracks. As global citizens, we can now design new services that help our fellow humans. Any new service that we design whether it is digital or not has the capacity to create new cultural standards and equality. We have a responsibility to define new fields of ethics and learn as we design new ways to create systems that benefit humanity.

The Time Is Now

The time to start creating ethical, enriching new revenue streams is now. Contact us to discuss how your services can create a world we want to live in. The time to start exploring your options has never been better!

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Chico Adelano

Head of Design &Innovation Echos Brazil

Chico has +20 years of experience in Design and Communication. He has a degree in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University, a postgraduate degree in Strategic Design from Istituto Europeo Di Design and a certificate with honor in Communication and Innovation from California State University of Northridge.

He carried out innovation projects for global brands such as Fiat, Jeep, Samsung, Nivea, Volvo, Walmart, Abbott, Honda and Kelloggs.

He has more than 60 awards at international creativity festivals such as Cannes, D&AD, El Ojo, Wave and One Show. As a highlight,
was shortlisted by Cannes Innovation Lions (maximum innovation award) in 2013, 2014 and 2015, winning in 2014 with
the Fiat Live Store project.

He is also the founder, coordinator and professor of the Digital Creation Direction specialization course at the British School of Creative Arts, linked to the University of Hertfordshire (UK).

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