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28 Jul 2020

How To Use Online Energisers for Virtual Teams and Remote Meetings

This year the growth of online meetings, workshops and remote working has changed the way that teams are collaborating on projects. While there are a lot of benefits of virtual collaboration, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real and it can often feel challenging keeping the energy flowing in online sessions. The process of running online workshops has […]

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21 Jul 2020

You Can Design New Positive Futures

It can be difficult to stay positive when thinking about the future. Especially now when there are many factors that can negatively influence our outlooks, from a second wave of infections to recessions to political tension in the world. The future can feel abstract and far away from our daily life. However, it is our […]

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14 Jul 2020

Design Doing: Achieve Impact and Results

What is design ‘doing’? How will it produce the revenue streams of the future? First let’s look at the concept of design doing and how it fits into the design process. Design thinking is a methodology that has thinking and doing embedded into its process. The thinking component creates an imaginative and playful approach to […]

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07 Jul 2020

Design Thinking Odyssey: Design 3 Versions Of Your Post Pandemic Self!

The last four months have confirmed that the future is unpredictable and difficult to predict. And yet, we still all desire to plan and move towards goals we have for our future selves. How do we continue to plan and move forward when it feels like we are not in control of our lives? We […]

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