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25 Aug 2020

Design A New Future: Create Change Intentionally

We are living in an ever-changing world. While this has always been true, the rate of change has increased with the disruptions of COVID19.  We can’t control the virus, but that doesn’t mean we cannot create a desirable future for our businesses and our lives. Our goal as designers is to create desirable futures, not just […]

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18 Aug 2020

Can Design Thinking Win The War Against Cancer?

Multiple Myeloma is a type of cancer that develops in bone marrow causing multiple lesions to form on the bones. It is a rare disease and mainly affects people over the age of 60.  Johnson and Johnson in Brazil approached Echos Brazil to help them create a better experience for patients with Multiple Myeloma. The team […]

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11 Aug 2020

Humanity Is The Only Technology That Matters

Design thinking has been embraced by businesses, universities, social organisations, governments and even military units all around the world. The evidence of this impact is still to be measured in greater society. However, moving forward human-centred design will strengthen its influence as armies of design thinkers are growing around the world right now. Many design […]

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04 Aug 2020

The World Needs You, Become A Design Leader

Design teams are encountering challenges they have never experienced before. Societal and business problems have evolved beyond what most people have experienced in their working life. The design solutions needed to solve these problems must be radical to meet these challenges. Getting buy-in from the broader organisation and management can be difficult during times of […]

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