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We have been working away quietly on a new business model, and now it is time to pull back the curtain to reveal who we have become.

Along with the rest of the planet we have been affected by the suffering and the transformational impact of the pandemic. But we are designers, and optimists by nature. This means that we welcome change, and have taken the new path that has opened before us.

Welcome to the NEW ECHOS. 

Our long held dream of becoming a globally distributed, radically digital and streamline company has now come true. We are now the company we have always longed to be and we invite you to join us in celebrating our first steps forward in our new normal.

We are working as one team uniting our expertise from around the world with location hubs in Brazil, Australia and Portugal, USA and Japan. We are truly location independent, free to transfer and share our knowledge around the globe. This global outlook will influence every learning experience that you embark with us and elevate every partnership for innovation projects. The future is going to continue to be uncertain, full of rapid change. And this means that existing systems and business models are becoming increasingly irrelevant. 

We have the ability to create new systems and ways of doing business. The centre of this transformation starts with each of us as individuals creating Echos of transformation as they ripple around the globe.

One of our principles of design is: What we design, design us back.

There are signals of change that existed in the world pre-2020 that have been accelerated by the pandemic. We have been monitoring these transmissions and this is the reason why Echos is changing. We are transforming with the strong signals of trends that will shape the future so that they may shape you too. 

Our co-founders Juliana Proserpio and Ricardo Ruffo have mapped out their vision of the coming signals of change:

  • Hyper global + Hyper local

– Hyper Global, No Borders:

The world has been accepting and adapting to working and interacting 100% online. In addition to this digital products and services have made businesses borderless. Now we can collaborate and compete with the whole world.

– Hyper Local Communities:

The feeling of community has been growing during the pandemic. People are renewing their sense of  connection and  want to be involved more locally with neighbors, neighborhoods and micro-communities due to their proximity and companionship.

  • Isolation = More Connection Required

As we stated before, some people are working and buying almost exclusively online. This is called the low touch economy. This ‘low touch’ is also generating the  feelings of disconnection. And this is making people want to connect and come together even more, in person and digitally.

  • While Digital literacy Will increase, So Will The Gap. 

With the high use of digital experiences and products, users’ expectations are also changing. In the future we will see:

  • More customisation
  • More ethics in the use of data
  • More rigor and lack of patience with wait times and delays
  • Stricter user experience

Technology that was previously seen as exclusive to gaming communities will become more mainstream. This includes the use of avatars, expanded use of online shopping, VR and AR. 

However for those who are not digitally connected or do not have access to even basic internet, the gap will become an even bigger divide. 

  • Lifelong Learning 

The previous model of going to university to acquire a degree to enter the workforce is not designed to suit a continuously changing world. In order to stay relevant with the constant change we need continuous learning. Rather than focusing on spending years in learning programs, the future of learning will focus on micro experiences to upskill quickly. Currently there are programs that are teaching skills that are obsolete before learners finish their degrees. This means that traditional universities will be less relevant and smaller learning experiences will serve students better.

There will also be a new focus on re-skilling as certain jobs disappear or as new industries transform and are replaced by new ones.

  • Adaptability Power and Human Inventiveness will increase. 

“Necessity is the mother of invention” were not the words of a tech entrepreneur, rather they were stated by Plato thousands of years ago. While humans have always been natural designers and innovators as part of our make up, never before in human history will these skills be most in demand.

This is why Echos exists, to unlock the powers of invention, transformation and innovation that is innate in all of us. The time to activate change intentionally, and transform into what our new world requires of us is now.

Will you join us? There is no time to wait, the future is now!

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