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At Echos, we have worked with companies all over the world to launch digital products. Most recently with the Google News Initiative for news and media organisations across the Asia Pacific Region. This program has guided media organisations into innovating their industry. They have developed digital products that have produced stable new revenue sources, which is important for an industry that is grappling with sourcing funding beyond advertising and subscription models.

We are excited to share the impact that digital products are making on businesses in a free Webinar on Thursday, 17th September, 5.00 – 6.00 pm (AEST). Join Echos members, Juliana Proserpio Chief Design Officer and Co-founder, Paulo Armi and Daniel Ieraci as they share their top insights into how to navigate the creation of a digital product from start to finish.

We have listed some highlights of our presentation below. But before we provide our tips, it is important to establish what makes something a digital product versus a digital version of something in our physical world. For example, a scanner is a machine that reads a piece of printed paper with images and text on it. It then translates it into 0’s and 1’s so that a computer or device can read it. This is just a digital version of a printed piece of paper, it is not a digital product.

On the other hand, companies like DocuSign have created a digital product that handles contract creation, negotiations, revisions and signing all within a single platform. This is a digital product because every interaction and all communication are digital and take place on the same platform.

We are here to help you create a digital product that delights your users. Our focus is on creating products that are not just necessary but have the power to transform industries and create new ways of doing business. The following are 5 key topics from our upcoming webinar:

1. Build a north start for your product.
Having a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve with your product helps to focus your team and create alignment for your product’s value proposition.. We will show you how to achieve this with our process of using a north star vision to keep you on track.

2. Build a minimum delightful product, not only a viable one.
We will share the details of design that will make people fall in love with your product: User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). In other words, creating a product that feels good and is simple to use.

3. Articulate executive buy-in and involve them at the necessary times.
We will provide you with the rich insights you need to not only get leadership on board, but actively part of your product development process.

4. Be BRUTAL with prioritisation!
When developing a new digital product, it is easy to get carried away. We will show you how to navigate this critical part of product development.

5. Have an exponential growth mentality.
As time goes on your product will evolve, but will your user grow with your product? We will outline how to build the user loyalty you need to create opportunities for growth in the future.

Join Us

Innovation is no longer a luxury; it is critical to navigating the unknowns that lie ahead. Join us for this free webinar and learn more about how your organisation can build a digital product with internal resources and team members in your organisation. Sign up here and join us on September 17th at 5 pm AEST.

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