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To manage the complexity of the world we live is one of the most challenge tasks for a business.

We believe that Design Thinking can help – and a lot – to give clearness to surpass obstacles faced by organizations now-a-days. The idea is not adjust or optimize something existing but find opportunities to create something new and innovative. And you may ask: what is Design Thinking after all?! A lot is heard but the truth is that understading it may be not that easy right away…

Design Thinking is an approach that allows revolutionize the way to search and find innovative solutions to our problems specially because focus on market’s real needs and it’s not based on statistic assumptions.

On the documentary below, Design the New Business, a video dedicated to investigate forms how designers and businessmen are working together in new perspectives to solve complex problems encountered by companies day in day out. There you will learn how Design Thinking is already a reality in many companies and organizations. It is a very cool initiative carried out by Zilver Innovation and created by 6 Master in Strategic Product Design students at TU Delf, Holland, with some inspiring cases and discussions.

Watch it out! 😉

And if you want to know more about Design Thinking, I think you will be happy to find out that we have a course, Design Thinking Experience, touring Australia! Yey! In the next months we are coming to Melbourne, Sidney and Brisbane, check it out.

Still hungry for knowledge? Click here and download our free Design Thinking mini toolkit. There you’ll learn all the steps of Design Thinking and how to apply them to solve complex problems in any innovation process you are facing at the moment. Let’s start design thinking!

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