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One of the questions we have been asked the most is: Why Australia?

Yes, we could have gone anywhere else, but why are we really coming to Australia?

While Australian entrepreneurs are being taught to go overseas and expand their business globally, we are landing down under.

We believe that Australia is well positioned in the global territory regarding the shift of economical focus. The emergence of China and Asia is changing how the market works and the proximity to Asian region is a landmark. 

Here are the main 5 reasons why Echos – School of Design Thinking is putting a foot in Australia’s door:

  1. Steady Growth – Low-risk economy.

With 3.3% growth rate per annum, on average, for the last 20 years and 2.9% growth rate, per annum, over the next 5 year, Australia’s demonstrated economic resilience, adaptability and record of steady growth provide a safe, low-risk environment in which to do business.

In its 26th year of consecutive annual economic growth, the Australian economy is underpinned by strong institutions, an exceptional services sector and an outstanding ability to respond to global changes. It’s characterised by high productivity levels, with 15 out of 20 industries rating above the global average.

  1. Talented people – Knowledge worker’s economy.

Australia’s labour force is one of the most educated, multicultural and multilingual in the world, where 2.1 million Australians speak an Asian language and 1.3 million speak a European language.

Australian workers are highly skilled, thanks to an excellent education system, quality scientific research institutions and availability of specialised training services.

  1. Business – safe place to do business.

Political stability, transparent regulatory system and sound governance frameworks underpin its economic resilience.

Ranked in the global top five on the Index of Economic Freedom, Australia’s effective governance provides multinationals with a safe, secure business environment.

  1. Location – proximity to Asia market

Australia is well positioned as a trade and investment base for international companies doing business with Asia. The country’s trade agreements facilitate the smooth flow of goods, services and investments with major economies across Asia, Europe and North America.

Asia market is definitely the future of the global economy over the next 10-15 years, which turns Australia a great platform to launch operations especially in Asian markets.

Exporting knowledge from here could turn Australia into the most important player in Australia into western countries.

Last but not least, the innovation factor.

  1. Innovation – is important to every sector of the economy.

Extraordinary technological change is transforming how we live, work, communicate and pursue good ideas. We need to embrace new ideas in innovation and science, and harness new sources of growth to deliver the next age of economic prosperity in Australia. The National Innovation and Science Agenda is an important step in the right direction.” TheInnovation.Gov.Au

Over the next four years The National Innovation and Science Agenda intends to drive smart ideas that create business growth, local jobs and global success. This government agenda includes 24 initiatives worth AUD 1.1B.

Apart from that government initiative, the innovation ecosystem in Australia is flourishing. Incubators, accelerators, innovation labs are popping up everywhere around the country.

Companies are investing in their own secure spaces to innovate in order to maintain the competitive advantage.

In the last two to three years we have seen a large demand for innovation projects, mindset and skills training. We feel that there is lot of interest in innovation, but not enough trained or skilled professionals who can really make innovation happen. Dozens of Innovation Conferences and Summits are happening simultaneously in different cities, but very few or almost no action have followed these events. It seems the hardware (or the space) is already set up, but the software (or the new mindset or tools) still awaits to be ignited.

Innovation needs three things at least to happen: space, diversity of visions and a new mindset.

That’s where we play in, Echos – School of Design Thinking has been training over the last six years 12,000 professionals in South America, especially in Brazil. We believe that innovation only happens through people and if we really want to innovate we need to train our mind with appropriate and new tools. We cannot achieve change (or innovation) if we keep the same mindset.  

At Echos we approach innovation by applying what we call CKA approach – Concepts, Knowledge and Abilities approach. We can only achieve new concepts in innovation if we approach challenges using different knowledge by combining appropriate and different abilities.

and the key capability to develop more competitive service models – focusing on the customer experience. While the mining industry is slowing down, the service economy is helping Australia keep up with it.

We set our trainings for those who want to become practitioners of innovation and collaboratively build up solutions to solve real and meaningful problems.


From April/2017 we will be running several courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Follow our agenda below:

Sydney – April 10th – April 12th

Melbourne – April 19th – April 21st

Brisbane – April 26th – April 28th

To enrol – CLICK HERE

We are also offering In Company training on design thinking for corporations, institutions and government agencies.

Let us know what the next steps are to make Australia a really powerful platform for innovation.


Ricardo Ruffo / Echos Team




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