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Our contemporary economy is equal parts competitive and sophisticated, which is the reason why innovation has become an indispensable add-on for any company under the sun. In a fast-paced society, where people change their opinions very frequently, companies need to be able to adjust to demands that are inconsistent and likely to change from night to day. Design Thinking has quickly become one of the most used techniques that companies are using to create solutions and generate revenue in times of constant change.

Not too long ago, the word “design”, when used as a noun, was only associated with the aesthetic of things. Recently, in the business world, the term has been associated with producing solutions that are focused on people. That is because “to design” as a verb has synonyms such as to produce, to construct, to draft, to invent. Design Thinking is based on this concept: how might we create something that caters to the end consumer’s real needs?

Design Thinking It’s A Mind Trick

In a nutshell, Design Thinking is a mindset based on innovation that allows people to come up with solutions to complex problems while being creative and focusing on the end consumer, a.k.a., real people. Before even trying to understand if a problem’s outcome is viable, Design Thinking seeks to understand whether that solution is desired by people because, if not, it is worth nothing really.

Design Thinking is a mindset that offers a very important trick: before resolving the problem, you need to figure out if the problem you’re trying to solve is the real problem people have.

Trying To Solve The Right Problems

Generally, in any business, management is worried about: How can we increase profitability? How can we increase market share? The issue here is that these are the company’s and not the customer’s problems and, in only looking at how a company can grow from that spectrum, lots of opportunities are lost.

Along with collaboration and experimentation, empathy is one of the main pillars of the Design Thinking mindset. When a company tries to solve a problem by coming from a place of empathy towards its customer, the result will be a success because it will be answering to the customer’s genuine needs.

Why Companies Should Take Advantage Of Design Thinking

For a company to be successful, public adherence is fundamental. To truly understand what people want from your products and services, you need to be able to walk in their shoes for a mile or two – Design Thinking tools allow you to do that.

Without Design Thinking, companies are restricted to what is technically possible, to what is financially viable, and that is a very obsolete place to be in 2018. Design thinkers are the “designers of invisible things”, creating solutions to people by deeply understanding who they are and what they want.

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Rani Ghazzaoui Luke

Rani is a writer and actor based in Sydney, Australia. She is Echos Head of Content & Communications, and the Editor in Chief of The Echos Newsletter.

Before joining Echos, she worked in full-service advertising agencies as a copywriter, moved onto writing for Broadcast Media, and landed on Digital Media, working first as a Digital Producer and later as a Digital Account Manager. Most recently, she was Lead Client Solutions Manager for GumGum Inc, an ad tech company specialised in Artificial Intelligence.

Rani is a highly curious individual that believes creativity and innovation are the most important tools to propel any person or business forward.

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