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The service sector is a playground for entrepreneur’s around the world, with services increasingly taking priority over products in companies worldwide. Creating a service that is innovative and stands out in the wide “services crowd” is not easy, but Service Design – the Design Thinking discipline directed at services – can help.

Echos’ Service Design Experience is a two-day program that helps participants think and rethink services from a human-centric perspective, being playful and pragmatic at the same time. The goal is to develop more relevant and desirable experiences in the form of services – what we call WOW services.

Service Design Experience: What To Expect


Service-Dominant Logic
Creating innovative services is only possible because of the Service-Dominant Logic, which takes into consideration the value chain in an organisation: actors, interests, desires, learnings and processes. Echos will show you the logic in creating a service through the perspective of the people who will, eventually, purchase and use it.

Job To Be Done
Job to be done is a tool used to increase the consumer’s perception regarding a service’s value, consequentially creating an increase in sales. It also analyses the customer’s circumstances, finding their reasoning when deciding to purchase a service.

Systemic Thinking
Systemic thinking is the ability to evaluate the whole ecosystem – its happenings and implications – finding a holistic solution to that system, that explains and fixes its behaviour.

Empathic Journey
After finding your persona, you will learn how to map their moves, creating a journey in which you will empathise with their feelings, needs and expectations. In doing so, you will identify the critical points of the journey, which will become the centre of your problem to be solved.

According to Google, a “micro-moments are intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences shaped”. In this course, you will learn how to work w=towards these micro-moments, creating artefacts or experiences to be included in the service journey you are creating.

Case Studies
Echos will share with you successful Service Design case studies that will reinforce what you have learnt a

Been bitten by the bug? We have a Service Design class starting this week: register now.

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