Monika Bielskyte is a futurist and the founding partner of All Future Everything who likes to describe herself as a futurist with “an artistic eye and a creative mind”. Born in Lituania, she has lived in 80 different countries researching future-related themes and, because of that, refers to herself as a “digital nomad”.

An old friend of Echos, Bielskyte is an accomplished worldbuilder. In 2018, she spoke at Echos’ Design Thinking Conference about the entertainment industry and the way the development of the real world is affected by the way we build futures in science fiction.

Monika sees the future as an opportunity: “The future is not the final destination but a place for opportunity. It is a chance to create change in paradigm”.

Last October, Bielskyte spoke at Xynteo Exchange, in Oslo. She started her talk by announcing “2019: our planet is literally on fire. We are suffering from a crisis of collective imagination” and went on to talk about a protopian future in which tomorrow is better than today and yesterday.

With Australia “literally on fire” – borrowing her words – this talk feels like the breath of fresh air – apologies for the horrible pun – we are all hoping for.


If you’re interested in learning more about innovation and future building, visit Echos’ Designing Desirable Futures course page.

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