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26 May 2020

Design New Revenue For The Low Touch Economy

Innovation and resilience. How to adapt and pivot when you lose revenue It’s been challenging for everyone. The Corona Virus outbreak made many of us redundant. As businesses, it made some of our most prominent line of revenue sometimes completely stop and even become obsolete. I’ve read somewhere that we’re all in the same sinking […]

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19 May 2020

Trends Of Remote Work: Designing A New Reality!

A Systemic change is a change that affects how a whole system functions. We are experiencing many levels of societal systemic change due to COVID 19. One of the largest systems we are reevaluating is how businesses function and how we work within them as leaders and employees. With whole organisations and teams working remotely, […]

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12 May 2020

The future is not a theory, it is a practice

Thinking about the future is a very abstract concept. Why should we spend our time thinking about something that we can’t control? Or plan for things that might not occur? In other words, why should we think about designing our futures? If we don’t design it ourselves, someone else will design it for us. When […]

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