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04 Feb 2020

Can Design Thinking Help With Family Conflict?

I have been studying Design Thinking for many years. What intrigued me at first was the different definitions given to this approach. What is Design Thinking? Some specialists call it is ‘a process’, others “an innovation tool”. Some experts say that Design Thinking cannot be considered a methodology because it was not something to be […]

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03 Dec 2019

Your Life & The Seven Phases Of Design Thinking, A Tale Of Evolution

One of the things I’ve learned in life is insights can emerge from unconventional moments. On the ideation phase, we are so focused on the brainstorming exercise, but a genius idea may not happen there and then. Nevertheless, once you’ve done the groundwork, all of your potential ideas are installed in your brain and the […]

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01 Feb 2017

How the 7 phases of design thinking are connected to our lifes

One of the things I’ve learned in life is that insights can emerge from unconventional moments known as the 3B’s moments – Bed-Bath-Bus. And while experiencing one of them, I’ve had an insight that I believe can help you out and all those that are studying innovation process. This article is about the analogy between […]

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