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On Saturday 21st of April, United Nations celebrated the very first World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID).

More than just another date, the WCID is a recognition on the power of innovation and creativity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Designing and building a world we want to live in doesn’t come without it’s challenges. We believe in the power of Design to transform exiting realities into preferred ones.
Design can tackle many complex problems, specially those involving multiple stakeholders through it’s collaborative approach.

Responding to the challenges we face in the future, in an effective way, is an imperative form our time. Innovation and creativity are the doors to sustainable development, economic prosperity and culture development.

Successful economies of the future will rely more and more on creative industries and creativity applied to traditional ones. There is no better time to welcome the power of Design into the hall of strategies government and corporations are using to design a desirable future for all of us.

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