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ONLINE LEARNING on 22 Jul &. 26 Aug
IN-PERSON WORKSHOP on 14-15 Sep (9:00am to 5:30pm)

The Intra & Entrepreneur’s Dream Course

Open Course

2-day program


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Learning Business Design is only possible when you have basic Design Thinking knowledge. Echos offers promotional fees for participants who sign up to the Design Thinking Experience course combined with any other of our courses, including Business Design Experience. Find out more.




The Business Design program is based on a customer-oriented approach that enables the process of business development through experimentation. This program empowers participants to think creatively and to challenge the status quo of business, identifying existing opportunities.

During the course, participants will be challenged to develop a business design project considering a real market problem, allowing them to learn the theory and the tools through a hands-on approach.

When combined with traditional corporate strategies, the business design program becomes a powerful mindset for the development of businesses.

empathy, collaboration and experimentation

who is
this course for?

  • For entrepreneurs and company owners that desire to build innovative businesses
  • For executives and professionals that aim to develop innovation processes to create new business opportunities
  • For startup accelerators and incubators that seek to train their entrepreneurs
  • For organisations that are looking for a new approach to innovation and entrepreneurship

why is this
course different?

Business Design Experience teaches participants in an iterative way, how to flow through the business development stages, from conception to launch.

This course is based on the principle that each part of a business is a hypothesis that can be prototyped and enhanced after testing, therefore allowing the evolution of the business to take place interactively, from its initial concept to its launching.

It is an emergent discipline that requires the combination of mindsets, methods, and abilities that will enable your ideas to develop into a systematic business.

Hybrid Learning: All of our learning experiences are now hybrid experiences. Part online and part in person. 

Online learning: The online learning starts when you receive a digital pack of content set for self-guided learning, after that you will meet your colleagues and facilitator in a live video call, where you will be guided by your facilitator and where you’re going to work together with other participants. 

You will have 2 live virtual sessions, but don’t worry, if you can’t make it on the dates, you can always watch the recorded sessions later. 

In-person learning experience: At the School of Design Thinking, we believe in “Learning by doing”. It means rolling up your sleeves and learning through the process; each participant will discover knowledge while they journey towards the understanding of an idea, tool or thought. It means learning by failing, by building and experimenting new things. 

participant's journey

One of Echos' core beliefs is that the best way to learn is by doing - the technique we call 'learn by doing'. BDx is a hands-on, intense 3-day program in which participants will de challenged to develop a business project based on a real life business challenge.

During the course, some paradigms have carried for five years - linking entrepreneurship and innovation -evaporated in a matter of minutes! A great feature of the course is that we create a democratic and safe space for people who are dissatisfied with the status quo of their companies, cities or lives. The way we learnt to create a new business did not fell esoteric or like self-help; it was creativity applied to business

Jacinto Netto Business Design Experience Program Alum

What our previous participants told us:

  • They felt motivated to experience original forms to generate value
  • They felt able to identify hidden opportunities in the market
  • They felt confident to apply an iterative process to build innovation
  • They felt empowered to build a new business model based on experimentation


Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

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Ricardo Ruffo Ricardo Ruffo

Echos Global CEO & Founder

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