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Design Thinking Specialisation is an immersive course for future innovators and design leaders, enabling participants to develop their creative confidence and innovation skills through a hands-on learning approach.

Design Thinking is a mindset that creates a baseline for innovation in a practical and human-centred way. It allows professionals to solve complex problems by making use of three core values – empathy, collaboration and experimentation.

After attending this course, you will be able to apply your knowledge to challenges in big corporations, in social business or in an entrepreneurial way becoming an “innovation articulator”. In other words, Design Thinking Specialisation is the next step for design-thinkers who want to stand out by becoming expert articulators in innovation.

This course was first launched overseas in 2013 and, because of its excellent track record and high demand, Echos is pleased to be the first school of innovation to bring a specialisation course in Design Thinking to Australia.

Here is what Juliana Proserpio – Echos co-founder, and one of Design Thinking Specialisation facilitators – has to say about this course:



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empathy, collaboration and experimentation

who is
this course for?

  • For people who want to become an innovation specialist
  • For design thinkers who want to deepen their knowledge and become leaders
  • For business leaders interested in accelerating innovation
  • For innovators who want to deepen their knowledge in Design Thinking
  • For professionals who want to learn a collaborative work model
  • For people who want to participate in an innovation laboratory working on concrete projects
  • For everyone who wants to accelerate their innovation learning curve by balancing theory and practice
  • For professionals who want to reinvent their career
  • For people who are in a transitional phase

why is this
course different?

Design Thinking Specialisation, as the name suggests, is a high impact mental shift course that will provide participants with a deep learning experience and teach them to assimilate the values of Design Thinking. The course focuses on human-centred entrepreneurship and is ideal for professionals wanting to become articulated innovators.

From the very beginning, active participation in projects from real clients will challenge the participants’ perspectives on how they see the world.

Participants will be learning from an experienced team of industry leaders, who will bring their personal flavour and insights making this course into a unique experience.

This is a three-month long course, divided into four projects, that gradually will increase in their degree of complexity. The last project – a real challenge provided by one of Echos partner companies – allows participants to test their transformation since starting the course and will show them how great is their ability to innovate.

When attending this course, participants will deepen their knowledge on design research, design essence, design leadership, business design and global innovation.

As a Design Thinking Specialist, you will have the training and skill set to apply Design Thinking to any front of a business, product development and service development, placing yourself amongst the Australian Design Thinking community and at the forefront of the innovation field.

participant's journey

This course is divided into four projects that will increasingly become more complex. During the last project, participants will work in partnership with a real company to solve a real-life complex business challenge.

Those were four intense months I spent at Design Thinking Specialisation. I've experienced so many different emotions and sensations. Everything just felt so different from what I knew. Many people had told me with was a transforming experience, but nothing could have prepared me for the actual thing. Design Thinking helped me to open my mind, think in a different way. It gave me the courage to reinvent myself and allowed me to land both my feet in the future.

Gisele Karam Brazil

What our previous participants told us:

  • They felt confident to lead and manage innovation projects
  • They felt empowered in their creative confidence
  • They felt in control of their creative influence
  • They felt at ease when coming up with innovative ideas
  • They felt able to create new products and value propositions

empathy, collaboration and experimentation


Our facilitators are innovation experts who are committed to showing the ropes to participants and sharing tactics to implement design thinking in any situation.

Juliana Proserpio Juliana Proserpio

Echos Chief Designer Officer & Founder

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Ricardo Ruffo Ricardo Ruffo

Echos Global CEO & Founder

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