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25 Apr 2018

World Creativity and Innovation Day

On Saturday 21st of April, United Nations celebrated the very first World Creativity and Innovation Day (WCID). More than just another date, the WCID is a recognition on the power of innovation and creativity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Designing and building a world we want to live in doesn’t come without it’s challenges. […]

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25 Apr 2018

UK is positioning itself as an innovative country and defining its intention towards A.I.

We have been studying the design of desirable futures for the past years. One thing became clear. When designing a desirable future, we need to define with clarity what is our intention. If not well-defined, technology and weak signals can emerge leading the project to negative outcomes. That is why design is so important. Design […]

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25 Apr 2018

Now is the time for Human-Centred Strategy

If we were to list all technologic improvements that the world has had since 1979 we could probably spend days talking about it and how our life changed. And how about geopolitics in 1979? Cold war? Yes! And what about Culture? Michael Jackson was releasing his breakthrough album Off the Wall, including hits like Don’t […]

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